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hey banco app 1.0

your money fast, simple and without waiting lines

hey banco 2017

the challenge

Bring the financial system near to people who have a little knowledge about their finances or how the banking world works.

my rol:

UX / UI Designer

completed tasks

market benchmark


build personas


information architecture


prototype validation

meet personas

The team shared with us the insights they got from user interviews they made to users between the ages of 18 and 35, so we could understand better the main concerns they have about banks and how they handle their finances. With this insights we build 2 persona types that we wanted to focus on.


19 years. Student.

She is a starter in the financial world.
Her main money entry comes from her parents.
She tends to use cash because she is not familiar with banking apps.



Spend time on facebook or instagram.
Going out with friends.


She is afraid of banks.
She has concerns about losing the access to her money if she saves it on a digital account.

He wants to ease the management of his money.
He wants to learn from his spends so he can preserve his finances.



Ride his bicycle around the city.
Read about innovation and international news.



He has concerns about the safety of banking apps.
He doesn't like to spend his time on waiting lines when he has to visit the bank.



35 years. Money Savvy.

the process


We began to design journeys that resolve the main needs we found when our users talk about banking apps.

1. Open a bank account without the need of visiting a physical bank.

2. To be able to check their account information, account balance and to manage their finances in a quick way.

3. To get access to their money whenever they want and that is safe.





Expenses dashboard



UI Kit

When we had clearer our main users and how we wanted our design to meet their needs, we defined a UI Kit that would help us to preserve a uniform interaction and visual experience to the whole project.


Design and prototype

We designed the interface and created prototypes that helped us to share with the team the product we wanted so proudly to build, we prioritized the main features that we could build so we can learn with a minimal viable product how our users found our approach. 

One of the main challenges on this project was to design an account onboarding that helps to lose the scariness the banks can be. We got rid of confusing terms for them and "banking words" turning it into a friendly conversation creating an experience that matched as if someone was assisting them.

Quick and safe account balance access.

Users wanted to have access to their balance whenever they wanted so we made the "account balance" one of the main features.

With our design we wanted to emphasize the balance and to put relevant account information near the user's view so they could find it quickly when they need it. Also we help them to improve their finances with spending graphs so they can manage their spends


money available 24 / 7

With our "transfers" design we sought to let aside all the "bank complexity" and we created a simple and fast way to transfer their money if they wanted to even for starters. So with this the users could have access to their money whenever they wanted.

the learnings

As we work with agile methodologies, we wanted to launch our MVP and with it get users feedback about the design of our product. Hey Banco had a good reception for "bank starters", users describe it as "easy" and "fast" to use.

We keep learning from the insights we got from the user comments on our app store, social media and the calls our support team got.

We grouped the similar insights that we got as opportunities that were turned into improvements to the app. The app became a loveable product where the users found a completely different experience out of the traditional banks that let them create a bound with the product.

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