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hey savings

Provide savings facilities for users as part of financial education

hey banco 2018

the challenge

How might we motivate Mexicans to save money?

The biggest challenge we had was the lack of saving culture in Mexico, much more in young users without banking experience.

How to improve the current savings module?

Among the requirements requested by the stakeholders was to reuse the base of a savings platform that would be redesigned and adapted to the application, maintaining the business model.

the process

1. Stakeholders Interviews

We had an interview with stakeholders to understand the reach of the project.

2. User Interviews

We had quick interviews with users to understand their saving habits.

3. Journey map

We understood and map the customer's current journey to find pain points moments.

4. MVP and prototype

We designed and prototyped a minimum viable product for our tests.

5. User testing

We started quick usability tests with users to validate our prototype.

6. Iterations

After the launch of the product we made improvements with an iterative projects.

Insights we got from user interviews:


Didn't save because they were spending all of their income


Found that a saving tool that periodically withdraws money from their account was an attractive feature


Had the capacity to save money but they didn't had the habit to do it


Wanted it to be difficult to stop their automatic savings or withdraw money but without losing the access to it.

We built an MVP that meets the main insights we discovered with our interviews

Pantalla de ahorro

The user could set a goal for their savings they wanted to achieve

They could choose the time when the money is automatically withdrawn from their account and a period for the saving goal.

At any time they can stop it and withdraw the money within the savings settings

the results

Nowadays, Hey savings feature is one of the most populars among Hey Banco users, we make constant improvements, iterations based on customer feedback, becoming an accessible and simple savings option for our users.

10x increase in savings created in the first 6 months.

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